A new and better
way of living.


Why buy from us?

At New Urban, we separate ourselves from our competition by creating value for our customers, through our commitment to quality and by designing a new and better way of living.

We build value into all of our homes and communities.

We don’t believe that one size fits all, so we offer an array of models, features and options that allow you to personalize your home.

Every New Urban home is built to last.

The floors and exterior walls of all our Florida homes are built of steel reinforced concrete, reducing maintenance costs, sound and energy loss. We use only quality brand name products and partner with name brand suppliers for key components. We have worked with some of our trades for more than 30 years, resulting in better teamwork during the construction process, and fewer service calls thereafter.

A new and better way of living.

The location and intimate, walkable design of our communities makes your neighborhood safer and more sociable. We use green materials, products and construction techniques to the greatest extent possible, minimizing environmental impacts and reducing your maintenance and energy costs.

Building Green

New Urban avoids developing environmentally-sensitive sites and farmland.

All of our communities provide publicly accessible green spaces for the benefit of our homeowners and their families.

New Urban uses only High-Efficiency Energy Star appliances to keep utility cost lower and reduce energy demand.

We develop only infill and previously developed sites lessening the impact to our environment and services.

All of our communities are close to public transportation.

All of our communities are sustainable and designed to promote lasting benefits to our residents.

All community landscaping is professionally designed and incorporates the use of drought tolerant plantings to preserve water resources.